Pyjamas house

Pyjamas house is Vudis best seller. Small modular house which features two bedrooms and a separate living room with fully equipped kitchen, as well as modern and fashionable bathroom. Such house provides perfect space divison for a family with one or two kids, allowing everyone a chance for undisturbed territory, at the same time keeping the house small and simple for basic activities you need. Nice terrace organically expands the living area to outdoor space.

Compact Studio

Mini studio type living house for week-end getaways. Compact one module house features full kitchenette and bathroom. Extended version of the studio adds extra storage room for your cycles, skis, lawns cutters and surf boards.

Family cottage

Three module cottage is based on our pyjamas house and also features two bedrooms, nice bathroom and well equipped kitchen with living room, however in this case we have made the living room larger, thus more suitable for table games in rainy evenings and indoor dinner events with some guests.

Variations and more variations

Vudis modular houses allow almost endless variations and combinations to suit the best needs for every client. From very small studios for couples in love till bigger houses with enough rooms for family and guests. Browse through our gallery to see some more ideas we can offer and do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in some other custom solution specially for your situation and place.

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