Can you live in these houses during winter?

Yes, VUDIS modular houses are insulated and are designes to be suitable for using during winter also in Nordic countries. We offer different wall types with insulation ranging from 100-200 mm. For holiday houses 100 mm insulated wall type is sufficient, however, 200 mm is completely enough for comfortable and economical living all season round.

How do I solve comminications issues – electricity, water, sewerage?

We deliver house ready to be attached to all necessary communications channels, but all cables and pipes that are outside of the house need to be organized by buyer and infrastructure has to be made till the entrance of house. There are options for some products to build a units that can have containers for water and sewage as well as solar panels for electricity and thus be installed without any other communications, but you need to contact us directly to discuss such extras.

Do I need building permit?

This depends on every country and even municipality and you have to find out this information locally. Usually it depends on size of the house and foundations, we do not need permanent foundations for Vudis houses, it can be installed on small blocks, or even rocks or wooden bricks that are evenly leveled.

How quickly can I get one?

Delivery terms depend on size of the product, your needs and changes made to standard solutions, as well as from seasonality, however we try to deliver standard solutions within 6-8 weeks from the order.

Can I use these houses as floating units on water?

Yes, house have light structures and can be installed on pontoons. We have partners that can offer pontoon solutions or you can also use other companies in your country that build floating elements that are suitable for Vudis houses.

Can you tell us more about the materials used?

Main structure is wood, exterior is made out of wood, interior has various options that include plywood, wood and other materials. Flooring can be made out of wood, linoleum, tiles. Roof is made from bitumen.

Where can I put it?

Basically anywhere where a truck can get access to deliver it and you can make some foundation elements that keep the house standing even.

Do you sell only fully finished and furnished units?

No, we can also offer semi-finished solutions with either full of partial interior done.

What kind of foundations are needed?

Blocks, stones, bricks.